A nylon thread necklace

Embroidery threads are not just for stitching and sewing – they have the potential to become statement necklaces using just a few techniques! Make this multi-coloured DIY necklace,  for yourself or gift to a friend.

You will need:

• Anchor Style threads in 8930 (Fiesta mix) or various colours, 315m
• Anchor Style threads in 8930 (Fiesta mix), 3m
• Tape measure
• Pair of Milward scissors
• One Milward Chenille needle (size 18)


Step 1
Cut 137 lengths of Anchor thread each measuring 2.3m. Fold the threads in half and tie using a 10cm length of thread so that they’re secured.


Step 2
Leaving approximately 10cm from the fold, then tie a knot in the threads.


Step 3
Tie 4 more knots snug up against each other. Remember to pull the threads taught when tying your knots so that they remain neat.


Step 4
Split the rest of the threads in 4 equal parts.


Step 5
Braid each section with a simple plait and tie with a piece of thread to secure.



Step 6
Cut a 40cm length of thread, wrap it around all the braids 3 times tightly and tie.


Step 7
Cut another 2m thread and fold it in half twice. Wrap it around the other end of the necklace then tie with a double knot.



Step 8
Thread an additional 50cm piece through your needle and wrap it around the braids several times as to cover the knot you made previously. Tie with a double knot. Pass the needle under and pull until it feels secure. Do the same on the other end of the necklace.



Step 9
Leaving ten long threads on either side, trim the ends on either side of the necklace.


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