Pretty Purple Purse

Ladies, treat yourself to a new bag with this free crochet pattern. The Pretty Purple Purse is a great addition to your purse collection. It’s the perfect size for everyday use. This casual looking bag is made using the puff stitch and can be made in any color yarn that you prefer. The pretty purple hue shown here is great for the spring and summer months.


• 4.50 Crochet Hook
• Tapestry or Wool Needle
• 8ply Yarn
• Scissors
• Measuring Tape

Finished Size:
Approximately 10×11 inches (25×27 cm)


I started by doing a Slip Knot. Then I crocheted 70 chain stitches.

Chain 1, then skip 1 chain and single crochet into every chain. After making one row of single crochets, slip stitch both pieces together, but be sure not to twist it!

Then I started making Puff Stitches!.. I just love them, they always look so cute and are so fun to make!

Start of by chaining 3, then crochet a Puff Stitch into the next stitch. Chain 2, skip 1 stitch then crochet a puff stitch. Continue doing this all the way around.
After making 19 rows of puff stitch, I ended it off. Then taking my wool needle I sewed together the bottom of the ‘round pouch’.


Now it was time to get started on the strap. I made 6 chain stitches.


I then started crocheting single crochets till the strap measured 125cm.
Taking your wool needle again, attach the long strap to either side of the bag.

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