Nail polish marbled diy planters

-Planters. I used my old terra cotta ones but I’m pretty sure this would work on any surface.
-Nail polish.
-Big bucket of water.

Step 1: Fill the a bucket about halfway with water and let it come to room temperature. It’s best to do this outside so you have good ventilation.




Step 2: Liberally pour in nail polish. Let it spread out over the water as much as possible. You can help it move with a tooth pick or even just shaking the bucket a bit. The more surface area of the water you cover the greater coverage on the pot.

Step 3: Dip the pot in the water. I found it worked best to dip the pot on its side and let the polish wrap around the sides. If you don’t cover the entire pot in one dip, then dip again if you like.


I love how each pot is different! Some colors definitely work better than others on this type of pot. Pink, yellow and turquoise were my favorites.

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